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Automated Invoicing Issue

I’ve been made aware earlier today that some clients may not have received their latest invoices.

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

The system I use is fully-automated, producing and emailing invoices as-and-when specified. This system has been in place for over two years and has never failed in this manner.

I will be spending however long is necessary to review the system and processes in place to not only learn from the experience, but also to improve the service being delivered. I will also be taking the opportunity to make some adjustments to the finer details, providing a better user experience for my clients.

In the meantime, clients can continue to access the client portal and view project status, tasks, account statements and invoices. Whilst emails haven’t been sent out to clients, invoices have been produced and these can be viewed at any time by logging into the portal.

Any questions on the issues raised here should be directed through the appropriate support ticket system within the portal itself.

Once again, my apologies for any inconvenience caused during this time.

April Maintenance

Throughout the Easter period, a number of systems within the portfolio will go through a maintenance schedule.

There are a number of changes planned that will result in a more streamlined, efficient mode of operation as our workload begins to increase; these adjustments will result in better management of these loads with a reduction in issues encountered by ourselves and clients alike.

There may be times throughout the Easter period until the end of April, where a website or service is temporarily unavailable or restricted. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused, but hope you understand that the work being undertaken now is to ensure longevity in the systems we manage.

Wishing all of our clients a very Happy Easter.

Service Outage: US Data Centre

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, our server monitors reported an issue with our US-based server.

The on-site technical team responded immediately to the situation and, following a ‘reboot’, the server failed to power back on.

All websites hosted on this server were relocated temporarily, to ensure continuity of service and avoid major disruption.

After identifying the underlying issue and getting the server powered up, during testing it became obvious there were further issues around the IP address associated with the server.

In the early hours of Thursday 7th February, testing was completed and the IP-issue resolved resulting in the server going back ‘online’. Subsequently, all websites were transferred back to the US server.

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